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Pool Umbrella

Pool Umbrella

Especially in the summer, we spend most of our days at the beach, sea and pool. However, while we spend a long time at the poolside on summer days, we are exposed to UV (ultraviolet) rays. We need to take measures for this. For example; using high factor sun protection creams, wearing sunglasses and a hat, be in shadow areas, not to go out between 11: 00- 13:00 in the hours range when sun rays are most harmful. Taking such measures will make the time we spend for us more enjoyable and healthier. Another suggestion for being in shadow areas; using pool umbrellas which is effective against sun rays. Pool umbrellas are indispensable items of houses in scorching summer temperature. Umbrellas that you will use around the pool edges; it will protect you from the sun. When you want to lie on your sunbed after leaving the pool, your sunbed will be warm due to the sun. Having a pool umbrella at the
poolside helps you to sit on your sun bed, read a book, listen to music, and have a nice holiday with your loved ones. In addition to this, it will create a cool and shaded area that will protect your technological devices such as phones, tablets and cold drinks on your sunbeds from the sun. 

After leaving the pool, you should rinse your skin and take a shower because chlorine harms your skin. Then you should apply your sunscreen cream and start sunbathing like that. You should choose your sunscreen cream at least 60 factors.

Due to the fact that the sun's rays have done more damage in recent years; you need to protect your skin more than ever. Another harmful effect of the sun; They are wrinkles. These cause premature aging. A large part of skin wrinkles consist of long-term sun exposure at a young age. Not only that, it causes spotting on the skin and some areas to be darker and some areas to be lighter. Also, being in the sun for too long causes sunstroke and increases the level of body temperature. This can progress to cramping, fainting, and even a fatal sickness. During sunstroke, you need to move to a shaded area and take a shower with cold water to lower body temperature.

– Increased breathing
– Dizziness
– Nausea
– Blackout,

On summer days, sunburn can occur while sunbathing on watercraft. The sun's rays can go up to two meters in the water. Sun burns disrupt the body's liquid-mineral balance, so you should take care to protect your skin. Looking at the sun with the naked eye damages the eye and retina. Sunglasses are not just an accessory. Sunglasses are of great importance for sun protection. You should be very careful when choosing your sunglasses and you should not run cheaply.

As the sun causes problems as we explained above, there is definitely a need for a quality, accurate and useful pool umbrella on the pool sides. You should try to avoid such problems as much as you can by using the pool umbrella. Choosing the right umbrella is an important issue. So what should we consider when choosing the right pool umbrella?

– To be robust, useful and quality.
– You should pay attention to whether the umbrella that you will use by the pool is waterproof or not. Some umbrellas are waterproof thanks to their special fabric.
– We should be careful not to choose the color of the pool umbrellas dark. Generally, light colored pool umbrellas are preferred around the pool.
– For the shade area it will provide; size is also important.
– You can also choose telescopic umbrellas if you wish. Telescopic umbrellas blow cold and hot air to you. What could be better than having an umbrella that blows cold air when you overwhelmed by the sun at the pool? You can use these umbrellas both in summer and winter seasons.

You can both protect your health and enjoy your holiday by using a pool umbrella at the poolside. Remember that; The sun has benefits as well as damages, and the measures you will take to protect it will be life saving.

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