Things to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Umbrella

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Umbrella

Things to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Umbrella

Things to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Umbrella

The number of restaurants and cafes is increasing day by day. For this reason, creating your own concept and a successful decoration will make you stand out compared to other businesses in this regard. An outdoor restaurant will always be one of the more preferred businesses. Due to both the smoking ban and the fact that people prefer to sit outside, especially in summer, you need to have an outdoor space in your business and pay attention to make the outdoor look comfortable and stylish.

Umbrellas are undoubtedly the most preferred product of outdoor spaces. You should definitely have an umbrella in your restaurant, as it is a functional product and adds elegance to the decoration. For your restaurant, you should choose a restaurant umbrella that is compatible with your decoration and reflects your concept.

In this article, we have gathered some tips that will help you when choosing an umbrella for your restaurant under the title of things to consider when choosing a restaurant umbrella. Now let’s take a look at them together.



9 Steps to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Umbrella

  1. First of all, if you are a restaurant that serves both in summer and winter, we recommend that you choose an umbrella with a heater. This will prevent your customers from getting cold in cold weather, allowing them to enjoy your restaurant to the fullest.
  2. You should use an umbrella in accordance with the dimensions of the tables. While it will be more correct to use larger (mega) umbrellas for tables that will be seated in larger groups, you can use smaller umbrellas for tables where fewer people will be seated. Umbrellas come in square, round and hexagonal shapes. Whichever model is suitable for your decoration, you can choose an umbrella in that model.
  3. We do not recommend choosing the color of your umbrella in orange and yellow tones. Because these colors will attract insects and bees to your restaurant.
  4. You should pay attention to the type of fabric. Preferring nylon type fabrics will be more accurate for umbrellas. Because nylon fabric is the type of fabric that is most resistant to wind and precipitation.
  5. It will be more accurate to use telescopic umbrellas for places. In this way, you can use it comfortably without changing the place of the tables and chairs next to it, thanks to the feature that extends when closing and shortens when opening.
  6. You can choose printing umbrellas that you can advertise your business. For this, we recommend fringe models.
  7. If you prefer an umbrella with a ventilation system, it will be beneficial for smokers and increase resistance to the wind.
  8. If you wish, you can choose an umbrella with a pole on the side or you can choose umbrellas with a pole in the middle. You can also use T-post double-opening umbrellas. This is a preference entirely up to the decoration of your restaurant.
  9. Having a lock system on your umbrella can be one of the measures to be taken against the possibility of your umbrellas being stolen.

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