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Sonnenschirme, werden so hergestellt, dass Sie an Orten verwendet werden können, an denen bei sommerlichen Temperaturen kein Schatten auf natürliche Weise gefunden werden kann. Diese Sonnenschirme, die an den Stränden verwendet werden, um sich vor intensiver Sonne und aktueller Sonnenwärme zu schützen, sind eines der wichtigsten Geräte, mit denen Sie die Sonne genießen können.
Die wichtigste Eigenschaft von Sonnenschirmen ist natürlich, dass sie die schädlichen UV-Strahlen der Sonne filtern. Unsere Schirmstoffe, die wir in allen unseren Schirmmodellen verwenden, filtern die UV-Strahlen der Sonne zu 95-97 %.

UV rays prevent those who want to read and rest comfortably on the beaches. For this we must take care of protection. I will not darken you. There are benefits as well as damages of sun rays. We provide the vast majority of our body's vitamin D needs from the Sun. In addition, it has positive effects for our psychology and plays a major role in the development of our immune system. Care should be taken not to be exposed to the sun at noon, when the sun's rays are most severe. So between 11:00pm and 15:00pm. It should be sheltered under an umbrella. Umbrellas, hats, sunglasses should be preferred and light colored clothes should be used. Some of the sun damage that I will talk about now will make us more conscious. Negative effects of UV rays;

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If you are searching for an umbrella to enjoy a seaside stay, or you need one to install near your swimming pool, Umbrella House is at your disposal. We are a large beach umbrella manufacturer based in Istanbul, albeit serving customers worldwide. Shop with us and find out why all our products are truly appreciated by people.

At our store, you can find wind-resistant beach umbrellas for all budgets. Their designs allow you to use them wherever you need: a swimming pool, hotel premises, beach, house yard, etc. As our top goal is providing strong beach umbrellas for sale that last long, we always rely on high-quality aluminum and first-class plastic details to ensure their maximum durability.

The best thing about our ‘sun protectors’ is that despite their rather compact size (200-250cm), they will provide perfect shading. So, if you are looking for a simple structured umbrella that doesn’t need any additional assembling parts besides its base, we’ve got your covered.

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There is nothing impossible for our experienced team so that you can rest assured that all your wants and needs will be satisfied. Here’s what you can expect:

Spare parts supply

All our items are covered by the warranty. Besides, the needed details will always be on hand should any breakage occur. You name it – we supply it.

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Our products have been exported to 24 countries in 3 continents since 1978. That makes us one of the most recognizable and highly experienced companies in the industry.

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If you can’t help but wonder where to buy the best beach umbrella for windy, sunny weather, you can count on us. We work the way you expect to produce long-lasting umbrellas.

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